Concert activities

Solo organ recitals

Program suggestions according to the dispositions of the specific instrument and the occasion of the performance.

Concerts in chamber configurations, vocal or instrumental

  • Instrumental duos
    • Violin: Marie Fuxová, Hana Kubisová, Magdalena Mašláňová, Uršula Fortin
    • Viola: Věra Binarová
    • Violoncello: Karel Chudý, Pavel Verner
    • Oboe: Jaroslava Tajanovská, Jan Adamus
    • Trumpet: Jiří Bachtík, Jan Verner, Jakub Doležal
    • Trombone: Jan Triebenekl
  • Vocal duos
    • Soprano: Jana Koucká, Ludmila Vernerová, Markéta Böhmová
    • Mezzo-soprano: Lucie Hilscherová
  • Trios and larger ensembles
    • Brass quintet of the Prague Castle Guard (Pavel Hromádka)
    • Various combinations of the above mentioned musicians

Possibility of chamber concerts even in combination with piano or harpsichord


For soloists, choirs, during rehearsing and concerts

Music accompaniment of solemn liturgies

Weddings, baptisms, funerals

Educational activities

Private lessons of organ and piano playing for all ages – both for beginners and advanced players. In Czech, German, or English language.